We manage every project from beginning to end. Starting with property research, review, initial analysis and ending with disposition at the end of the investment cycle, We control every phase. Our process is a method we have used to complete project after project to earn our investors results.


We serve a micro climate with in the real estate environment when it comes to property values. There is nothing cookie cutter about the South Bay. The area in general was developed over 100 years ago and it drives a dependence on hyper-local knowledge.

There is no uniformity condition proximity to commercial and other factors the result is you get a micro climate of differentiating values and styles. This is why “the know the neighborhood” of what we do is so valuable. As an example, in Manhattan Beach in two square miles, a single-family residence can be worth 1.2 million to 20 million. It is a street-by-street analysis when it comes to value assessment.

How important is this really? Consider developing in the coveted zip code of 90266 thinking you have a goldmine but in reality the property has been developed adjacent to a commercial property with lower value than the surrounding neighborhood.

At Turning Point Properties we use formulaic criteria method where we consider location, condition of the property and ultimate value.

The process begins with a critical assessment of what the finished project is worth when we take it to market and then we back it up with a calculator and pencil in hand. This calculation is based on what the property is worth in completed form, based on today’s market not tomorrows. Turning Point Properties won’t wager on future appreciation. Our focus is value-add so we take a hard look at the current condition of a prospective project. We estimate what it will take to update and renovate, and add square footage, if required, as well as what it will cost to carry the project and for what duration. Because we are embedded in the community, we see deals that others don’t and are uniquely positioned to take advantage of them. We have a proven track record among brokers, lawyers, CPAs and financial advisers — and our careful “pencil work” plays a most important role.